French photographer and 3d artist living in Paris.
After a long time working as an artist and director in entertainment, for different international art festivals, and while discovering photography, I decided to give more time to this new form of art, going from portrait photography, to fashion and architecture. However, I have to confess that something was missing in order for me to feel fully happy with this type of art. A third dimension that would generate a grand creative input.
Mixing my past life experience as an artist, with photography and 3d animation was just the perfect harmony! I decided then to study 3D animation and I am now mixing all my skills to give out a much stronger perception of my true capacities. My artistic universe stretches from movie stories, to fashion and contemporary art.
I'm currently working on 3D movies that will be projected to be lived from within the film's core.
My photographic work was published in Schön Magazine, Kaltblut magazine, and runway magazine. One of my collage was presented at Miami art Basel 2015 (Scope artMiami).

My work as a 3D artist is visible on :

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